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 Situated at an altitude of 2600 ft. above sea level Rangnagad is a trekkers delight. This fort is among the fifteen forts built during the Shilahar Bhoj’s regime. Shivaji captured Rangnagad in 1659 and made the fort his favourite resting place. Fresh water lake and Rangnadevi Temple inside the fort are scenic splendours. Beware of bison’s on Rangnagad, we recommend you not to wear colourful clothes. When they see any person alone, they group themselves together quietly at one place and that is the danger singal for you, but these incidents are rare case.

Mahalaxmi Temple: At Narur village this temple is located at the bottom of Rangnagad. Trekkers seek blessings from Godess before moving upwords to Rangnagad. Tipri fair is the main annual event of temple which attracts large crowd of devotees.

Kondura:Amazing crater like well formed by the waterfall which gets active only in mansoons. The well is hidden in a thick grove towards bottom of Rangnagad from it’s east. In the beginning of June water miraculously swells up inside the well and produces unique sound.

Kadelot Point: Severe punishment point was used for killing a person by huring him down a precipice is located at Hanmanta wadi (a steep rock mountain towords east of Rangnagad). Point is visible from Pal village.

Animals production center: on route to Shivapur at Nileli this center attracts enthusiastic tourists to see it’s cow pen.


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Getting there:
By Air: Dabolim, Goa
By Rail: Kudal Railway station on Konkan Railway, 20 Kms
By Road: 20 Kms from Kudal town
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