Bhalchandra Maharaj Ashram

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Bhalachandra MaharajThis is the place of penance of Bhalchandra Baba. He lived here for 55 years. Monument is constructed and accommodation is available here in specially built 'Bhakt Nivas' for a nominal price. It is possible for devotees to do pooja–archa, abhishekh of shri Samartha’s Monument. After donating fifty one rupees one can do pooja–abhishekh of Samarth once in a year and prasad is sent by post to the mailing address. If a devotee wants to do pooja and abhishekh on any of following festive days, donation of a thousand and one rupees is asked for.

Holy place of Bhalchandra Baba’s Meditation period (Vaikunthvasi Pundalik Sabaji Kamat’s alive – monument.) In Kankavli market, in front of Shri Dev Kashivishveshwar and Shri Dev Datta Temple, there is alive monument of holy man of Kamat family, Pundalik Sabaji Kamat which is 150 years old. This holy man after his age of sixty preferred Sanyasashram and did meditation in a closed room. Then he drove away sorrows of people and at last he expressed his desire to take Sanjivan Samadhi. He took it in front of Datta Temple constructed by him.

When Bhalchandra Maharaj came to Kankavli, he started to sit here. People used to think that he was insane but nephew of revered Pundalik Sabaji Kamat, late Ramchandra Moreshwar Kamat got message that he was not insane but a yogi and he should get place near by me so late Ramchandra Moreshwar Kamat constructed one room in the close vicinity to the samadhi. In this room Bhalchandra Maharaj did his meditation for 50 years. In 1980 it was reconstructed by Shri Suresh Dinkar Kamat.

Life of Bhalchandra Baba:

He was born on January 08, 1904. His mother and father died when he was 5 to 6 years old. He ran away from home when he was about 25 years old. He was told to go to Satam Maharaj of Danoli to devote his life by Mule Maharaj of Gargoti. He did so according to Satam Maharaja’s desire. Bhalchandra came to Kankavli at his youth in 1930-32. He was unclothed with long beard and nails. People thought he was insane and some tried to tease him. Children used to throw stones but he was not daunted by anything. When his guru Satam Maharaj came from Danoli to meet Bhalchandra, people understood greatness of Bhalchandra Maharaj. People used to get great pleasure by his single look. People from all over Maharashtra started to come to see him. He never use to speak or accept anything from them.

On 16th December, 1977 he was in the Hanuman Temple of Lalbag. Continuous Ramjap was going on. Thousands of people had gathered to see Bhalchandra Baba. It was around 8 o’ clock at night when he left this world.

He was brought to Kankavli and on 18th December 1977 in the middle of ashram, samadhi was given. Numerous people gather here annually. On Margshirsh Shudh Saptami Baba’s Punyatithi is celebrated. His devotees are from all religion, caste and creed, poor and rich. He gave same love like sun to all. He is always holy like Ganga and great like Himalaya. People adore this saint as a supreme being.

Annual festivals of Samadhi Temple:

1) Shri Samartha’s Punyatithi – Margashirsh Shuddha Saptami.

2) Shri Samartha’s Jayanti – Paush Krishna Shashthi.

3) Mahashivratr – Magh Krushna Trayodashi.

4) Shri Gurudwadashi – Ashvin Krishna Dwadashi.

5) Gurupaurnima – Ashadhi Shudddha 15



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Getting There

By Air: Damolim, Goa

By Rail: Kankavli Railway station

By Road: Mumbai Kankavli 447 KM


Getting There:

Situated on the Mumbai–Goa Highway (NH-17). It is approximately 447 k.m. from Mumbai