Parshuram Temple

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Bhagwan ParshuramIn this village there is a well known temple of Bhagwan Parshuram because of it this village got this name. Vehicles can reach up to the temple. One can reach here by climbing 'Pakhadi' through peth map area from Chiplun. Tourists who want to enjoy natural beauty of this area should reserve some time during the trip.

People here used to know time from the sound from cannon. This temple is an excellent example of ancient sculpture. Paths are made up of jambha stone. They are known as  ‘pakhadya’  they are also in good condition. All premises also have jambha stone construction. In the innermost part of the temple there are idols of Kal, Kam and Parshuram. In premises there is a well. Its name is Banganga. The atmosphere of this temple fascinates everyone. Calm and beautiful nature and idol of Parshuram made up of black stone and other idols charming appearance take us in different world. The building of this temple is also an excellent example of architecture. On the day of Parshuram Jayanti (i.e. Akshaytrutiya) there is a huge ceremony. Thousands of devotes gather for the occasion. There is a temple of Bhagwan Parshuram‘s mother Renukamata.

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Getting There:

Very close from Chiplun railway station.

On (Parshuram Ghati) Mumbai- Goa highway while travelling from Chiplun to Lote.

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