Bhagavati fort (Ratnadurga fort)

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Ratnadurg FortA small hill on the Ratnagiri seashore hasdivided the Ratnagiri shore in two parts. In local language, Marathi, it isknown as "Kala Samudra"/"White Samudra" (Black/White sea)Ratnadurga, popularly known as Bhagavati fort, with aera of 120 acres, issituated on this hill.The fort is surrounded by sea. Shri Shivaji Maharaj won it in 1670 fromAdilshah The fort was used as a watch point for keepingvigil on the pirates. Perhaps this was the main reason for construction of forton this hill. This is very easily accessible fort. Small kids, elderly personscan easily climb this hill. There is a motorway, so one can drive up to thetop.

 The temple of Goddess Bhagavati is situatedhere. Navaratri festival is a major festival celebrated here. Many devoteesflock to this temple during Navaratri for darshan of the goddess. A lighthouseis also situated in the fort, which guides the ships/vessel's traveling in theRatnagiri Sea. The fort is in ruins now. One can see the entire Ratnagiri cityfrom this fort. Viewing the Sunset from this fort is a major attraction for thetourists.. The beautiful sight of sun dipping into the sea is a must see forthe tourists.


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Getting There:

Ratnagiri is 15 k.m from the Mumbai-Goa NH-17. It is also situated on Konkan Railway and is one of the major stations. All the express /super express/Rajdhani train have halt here.

Places to see nearby:
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 Bhagavati fort (Ratnadurga fort)

 Thibaw palace and point

 In Ratnagiri

1) Black Sea: The colour of sand is black.

2) White sea: The colour is white.

3) Aquarium

Many temples in the city like Viththal-Rukumani, Bhairi, Ganpati are worth visiting.

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