Kankeshwar Temple

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Tourists must visit Kankeshwar temple during Alibag visit. It is a Shiva temple situated on a mountain. Devotees crowd here because of the Shiva temple, besides it is favourite amongst tourists as a spectacular place. The mountain where Shiva temple is situated is known as Kankeshwar mountain.


The temple trust has 7/8 rooms on the  Kankerhwar mountain. Cost is around 100 Rs per room but could change. Besides there are rooms on the mountain near temple by private trust from Mumbai. Rents are cheaper. It's easy to visit this place by taking accommodation in Alibag. In the city many hotels are available to choose. It's even possible to visit this place by staying at Pen, Mumbai or Thane.

Getting There:

It is possible to reach the foot of Kankershwar mountain by vehicle but there are no motor-way to go up to Kankeshwar temple so you have to climb around 750 steps to reachKankeshwar temple.

One way is to reach Paftarpada village (on Pen-Alibag road) from Karle Khind by taking right turn and proceeding upwards. Others is to go to Zirad village by vehicle and climb the steps.

State transport buses are available to reach Mangaon village.