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CashewCashew is grown for its fruit cashew apple as well as for its nut. In Sindhudurg, this crop is grown in large scale. There are eight varieties recommended by Konkan Krisi Vidhyapith, Dapoli. These varieties have high yielding potential of about 20-25 K.g. of nuts per tree per annum. Plant is propagated by graft as well as seed but grafting is popular technique to meet the type of requirement. Fruits are ripen from December to May, but the season is prolonged during the years when the heavy rainfall is experienced in November and December. First bearing is normally secured in about three years after planting. Nuts are separated from cashew apple immediately after the harvest. Cashew apple is used for making cashew syrup. It is widely known as Cashew feni. Dried nuts are roasted either in open pan or rotary cylinders. Shelling is done by hands. Soon after roasting kernels are dried in sun or hot air chambers in cashew factory. They are kept in sweating chamber for some time. The nuts are then ready for grading and packing. The premium quality cashews of Sindhudurg are exported worldwide. Cashews can be purchased of cheaper rate in local markets of Konkan region.