Alphonso Mango

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MangoesThis fruit is also mentioned in ancient script for its great nutritive value. Mangoes can be round, oval or long and the fruit's colour can vary from green to yellow orange. Every part of the Mango tree i. e. roots, stems, blossoms, raw and ripe Mango and seed have medicinal properties. Mango is considered king of all fruits. There are nearly 1000 varieties of Mangoes found in India but very few ( alphonso mango /Devgad hapus) are commercially grown. About 100 to 150 named Varieties are grown in Devgad,Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri are considered world. Other varieties equally popular in Sindhudurg are Pairi, Kesar, Ratna, Neelam, Mankurd, Totapuri, Amrapali, Sindhu etc. Mangoes are picked up from the tree when they are grown at their normal size and when they are grown at their normal size and when their colour changes from normal green to slight reddish from the top. When unexpected rain some times showers in April and May once or twice it harms mango's productivity. When removed from the tree mangoes are ripened at room temperature. In local marked they are sold in retail rate and also as per demand transported to major cities in India and abroad from wooden boxes. At room temperature they are ripened within three to five days. Mango pulp is used in making sirab, Mango based ice cream and lassi and salad dressing. Fating mango has many milk imports energy strength and vigour to the body. Drinking mango physical weakness and improves nervous system. a