The Thakar Arts - Unique Cultural legacy

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Konkan's Thakar community holds the distinction of preserving its unique traditional arts, which dates back over 400 years. Today this ancient art is concentrated in Gudhiwadi Pinguli in Sindhudurg. A priceless heritage natured with devotion by Thakur Community formerly nomedic now fortuitously settled in Pinguli.

It is believed that this community originally belongs to Rajasthan and being nomadic Thakars wandered southwards to Nasik, Igatpuri and Bhusaval. From there in the beginning of 18th century, they appear to come down the mountains to konkan and settled under the patronage of Jayram Sawant, the ruler of Sawantwadi.

Exceptionally versatile, the Thakars let their artistic talents to flower in five fields. Chitrakathi (they are of story telling with pictures), shadow play, Puppetry and folk songs (Gondhali, Tamasha, Powada and Pangul)