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The dance cum procession performed during the 'Shigmo' festival is called Rombat. The original characters in this kind are Gawada and Gawadi who are believed to be symbols of their forefathers. They are traditionally dressed for the procession.

When Rombat begins, group of people hold them over their shoulders and move house to house. They are accompanied by others who hold huge banners, ceremonial umbrellas, festooned sticks (small branch of mango tree called Ambuli) and batons in their hands. Drumbeaters lead this procession followed by dancers mainly youths who dance abundantly in unconsciousness, thus manifesting their joy and happiness.

On the threshold of a house, housewives traditionally holding the lamp move it in a circular motion and welcome their forefathers. Rombat is extremely noisy and colorful affair, which entertains the locals.