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Pangul is a typical artist who performs his art with the help of trained bull, which amuses the people. The bull is dressed with alluring attire which includes colorful clothes (zool) over bull's back, horns wrapped with silken cloth and its tip with brass turbans, necklace contains 'Ghoongroo' (little jingling bells), tail is also tied with small bells and the final adornment is known as Shingar in which feathers of peacock called 'Kutcha' are placed over Vashinda (the bull's back)As bull walks, the bells jingle and unique sound is produced. Pangus along with bull and two other artists go house to house to present their art. This is customary. He sings historic episode and pleasingly instructs his bull in between who amusingly acts like an obedient. Two artists provide the matching musical tune.The story of Pangul and bull is associated with famous kanade family who used to act as spy for the Sawantwadi's kings. Impressed by their art and loyalty shown to the princely state, the king gifted them five villages to preserve this art form.