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The word Bhajan is derived from bhaj which means 'serve' in Sanskrit. Bhajans are simple songs sung in the praise of God in which complex spiritual truths are potrayed in local language.

Bhajans are usually sung in groups. The group leader sings the first line or stanza and the same line is followed by the others within the group. Bhajan begins with steps such as Prayer, hearty acclamation, metaphora musical measure, and loud acclamation. Abhang, Gaulan, Kawali, Bharud, Bhairavi and Gajar. In Sindhudurg Bhajan programmed reach to its climax during Ganesh festival. The instruments used in Bhajans are karatal. (Wooden clappers), Bktar (one stringed lute), Dotar (two stringed lute), Harmonium (hand pumped organ), set of small cymbals, Tabla (hand drum) and Dholki (barrel shape drum).